Another great list from TimTech.  Justin Ledvina discusses email marketing.  Easy to understand, to the point and easy to remember.

Justin Ledvina - Email is Fast

As soon as you press send, emails are sent over to the addressee’s inbox. It can reach then while they are involved in other activities and doesn’t change message as when one might speak to a third party. Your message stays true.  read more here...


I am always surprised at the simplicity and yet the sheer genius of Tim Linden and blogging.  His latest blog is as always both elegant and powerful.  Here's Five reasons why...

5 Reasons to Use Lists in Blog Posts

When it comes time to write blog posts it can be really difficult getting your thoughts organized into one post. Today I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why you should use lists in blog posts! They are easier to write. When you come up with a topic, it’s easy to keep it focused when […]

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I have decided that this online work should be fun and easy or it’s not going to be for me.
Having said that, I do like what I am doing and love the people I am doing it with. I believe that people who are having fun and enjoy people and all the things that we do, are the ones that will be here in the years to come. In fact I would go so far as to say that is one of the main reason’s the you, Jon< have been so successful. We all want to be having fun with You. Its the Tom Sawyer effect. The CTP platform just reinforces the learn and work should be fun mentality that is essential to longevity in this business. Keep up the great posts.

Jon Olson:

Success is a funny thing. What it means to you, can be completely different for someone else reading this post. That’s why every journey of success needs to start with ‘your reason why!’. It’s what gets you through the good times and the bad because if you are an entrepreneur like us, you are GUARANTEED a roller coaster of a ride.

However, your reason why is your target you still need fuel to progress forward. In the following blog post we go over 3 vital steps to change your business and your life, literally starting today. Let’s roll up our sleeves, this is going to be fun…

We call it your M.C.A.’s!  read more

YouTube is a popular online website, which allows internet users, just like you, to share videos or watch an unlimited number of them. While a good portion of the individuals who post videos on YouTube are just posting videos that they have laying around, there are many more who actually make videos with the sole purpose of uploading them to YouTube and sharing them with other internet users. If you are one of those individuals, there are a number of points that you will want to keep in mind.

When it comes to making a YouTube video, one of the things that you will need is a video recording device. Popular video recording devices include camcorder, webcams, as well as cell phones with video recording capabilities. I use the Windows 8 program called My Movie Maker  Super simple and very effective. I use a video camera with built in microphone.  If at all possible, you will want to try and use a webcam or a camcorder, as these video recording devices often produce the best quality. If you are looking to make your YouTube video be a hit, quality is something that you will want to take into consideration. Many YouTube video viewers dislike watching poor quality videos; in fact, not everyone sticks around to finish watching them.

Editing is also something that you will want to take into consideration. YoreportYTuTube actually encourages you to examine your video before uploading it to their site. If you notice anything that you would like changed, you are advised to edit your video before uploading it to YouTube. Of course, you don't have to edit your video if you don't want to, but editing your video is also likely to improve the overall quality of your YouTube video. It is also relatively easy to do. Most computers come with movie editing software programs already installed. It may even be a good idea to play around with a movie editing software program and your YouTube video; you may be surprised just how fun it can be.

It is also important that you think about and examine the content of your video, especially if you are planning on doing a comedy video. Comedy videos are popular on YouTube, but you need to remember that a large number of people visit YouTube for entertainment. Many of those individuals are from different races, sexes, and religions. You will want to be cautious of offending any of your viewers, intentionally or not. Keep in mind that comedy means different things to different individuals. Of course, you have the right to make just about any type of YouTube video you want; you are advised to use your best judgment. Should you be good at making YouTube videos, you may be able to make a name for yourself on YouTube, but you will want it to be a good one.

It is also important that you examine safety when making a YouTube video. As previously mentioned, comedy videos are popular on YouTube and so are video blogs. Video blogs are where internet uses recite their blog in front of a camera, instead of in print. Video blogs are fun to do, but many video blogers, both on and off of YouTube, make the mistake of giving out too much information about themselves. For your safety, you will want to avoid giving your real name, especially if you are showing your face on your video blog. It is advised that you do not mention your real name in any of your YouTube videos, but you definitely do not want to mention your address or any of your phone numbers. Not divulging your personal information is for your own safety. You need to remember that you never really know who is watching your YouTube videos or what they are thinking.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to keep in mind, before making a video which will later be posted on YouTube. In short, aim for quality and keep internet safety in mind and your YouTube video could end up being a hit. To get a free ebook about using YouTube for advertising, click here

Some days I LOVE blogging.  I wake up and I feel ready to impart some great new piece of wisdom I learned in a seminar or book the day before.  It always takes me a night to properly digest what I learn.  But then some days I am blank, and the procrastination sets in.

Tim Linden the brilliant programmer at TimTech, wrote a great blog post on how to overcome a missed post and/or how to schedule your blogging so you don't end up with feast or famine.

Tim Linden -  I’ve never had this happen before, so I was a bit surprised today when I went to make a blog post and saw one was scheduled for this morning, but it said missed schedule in red letters next to it.

It turns out that WordPress isn’t exactly the best at making sure things go in a timely matter. We’re used to computers doing everything exactly on time every time. The way WordPress works, if someone visits your site *around* the time it’s supposed to happen, it does it while that visitor is on your site.

In other words, if you schedule a post and nobody happens to come to your blog at that time..  It won’t post!

There is a simple solution to this..  Add a cron job! All you have to do is login to cPanel and add a new cron job. You’ll find cron jobs under advanced, but don’t be scared, I’ll walk you through it!  For the rest of this interesting blog, follow here:

Jon Olson does a great wrap up of the year in the TE industry. In his blog HEN he writes:

The Good – Teams are HERE to stay! In 2015 we saw an even bigger push towards working together and growing as a team. Not only in CTP Teams but across the entire industry. Some programs based their entire brand around the team concept and for good reason….Team work…Works!

There is something very special with building enterprises with like minded individuals and we’ve seen it especially in CTP Teams with some of the powerhouse players in it. From Lucky 13, to Easy Team…Alphas, to Phoenix…CSN to Wealth Builders….And everyone in between. There is truly a special bond being formed by these teams. It’s very exciting to see what 2016 has in store for these folks :)

Huge tip of the hat goes to Easy Hits 4 U – for being the first ever traffic exchange to reach the 1 million member mark. This program has been the gold standard in this industry for years and it’s been such an awesome journey to witness. Way to go Relmax!!!

To read The Bad and The Ugly  in the industry, visit

To get Jon's take on the coming year, check out his latest Plus1 Blog.

Hey gals and guys!!

Generally my blog posts are about Social Branding and the like, but I just had to write a bit about this. This kills me everytime I see it.

What am I rambling on about?? Be it advertising, promotion, social branding, you name it are very important keys to sucess. I will be the first guy to hit you over this stuff if your trying to get peoples attention online.

But for the sake of your viewers, please have something worthy of showing us. Be it twitter, facebook, banners, traffic exchanges, etc etc I see people learning and getting the process down. But than I look at what they are promoting and it's the same stuff you see from so many people. Before you do anything build a biz or product folks. I know it sounds like a duh statement, but really just take a moment and think about some of the stuff you have thrown at you. It's either useless or something 9 other people have told you about. Nothing unique or useful for the most part.

To throw this into a "real" world comparison. It's like getting a tv commercial or a interstate billboard before you have had your business idea. Hey thanks for watching my commercial, why not visit my website or come by my empty store soon and by than I should have something to show ya. Finger's crossed!! Seriously???

I know so many people who are absolutely great at advertising and Social branding, but don't have a clue they aren't really promoting anything of value. Even if you think you have a great offering, just get your friends and peers give you honest feedback if you are. Step outside yourself and pretend your a new person looking for a certain service, tool, or product and look at your offerings. Would it grab your attention?

It only takes a minute, and really should of done this before learning and utilizing all these great things to promote yourself and/or you biz.

No worries though, even if you have put the cart before the horse your in good shape. Just come up with the "new" idea and put it back in place of your old "useless" offering.

Again I know this seems like biz building 101, but alot of people forgot to sign up for this class.

And remember if you don't have a business yourself, well we can show you how promoting the tools you use can be just as effective as having your own business.

To get started visit us at Tattoo Socially and connect with us, and well be happy to lead you down the correct path.

"Get your Social On" by commenting and connecting with us and the WBTE Network via our twitter Lists

The Socialites

WBTE Network


Your the man, you rock, excellent, best thing ever, your the bees knees, etc, etc, etc...

Now if people are saying this about you, that's fine, but if you think this way about yourself you are doomed to failure!! Disagree with me? That's fine, go ahead and fail, lol.

This being said confidence is a must for becoming a success online, however there is a big difference between confidence and cockyness. And as I'll explain it is ultimately self defeating in two huge ways.

The first critical point I have to make here is you really are shooting yourself in the foot, plus you look like a douchebag doing it. If your confidence turns into over confidence, and than morphs into cockyness the quality of your product will begin to suffer. Your work will become shoddy. And your self drive will start to wane. After all your king midas right. All you do is awesome. Why even check the work, or ask for opinions. It's me, it rocks right??

Than the I'll do it tomorrow mentality will start to creep in.

Ehhhhhh I can do it tomorrow, I will nock that out in no time. Besides people will wait for me, even if my competition beats me to it. I do it better, so it won't matter. I speak and the world stops to hear me. For I am the shiznit. Might as well just sell your websites and go offline, because sooner or later your competition will catch up and pass your prideful butt like your standing still.

Ok I'm getting a bit carried away, but just take a look around the world of online business. Look at your average ad. I guarantee most of these people are high on themselves. One key thing to look for is humility and humbleness, it's easy to spot. More on that at the end of the other reason why over confidence will kill ya.

People aren't blind. They may fall for the pie in the sky claims you make that your the end all be all of business online. But just like any organization, army, and structure for that matter it all starts from the top down. If the creator/owner of a business is as described above than the business is doomed to fail and really does not see you as a someone to work with. They see you as followers, not partners.

This leads into the second way how being prideful will destroy your business. It means your also closed to new ideas. New or different ways of doing. And god forbid you admit you don't know it all, I mean heck you might learn something. Can't have that,, can we, you would be admitting other people are useful.

If you notice people leave almost as soon as you get them into your business, than this could be a early warning sign of you non humility. And just as branding yourself in a good way can explode your business, branding can also bite you in the butt. All branding is how your perceived, and you can just as easily be seen as a negative influence on the industry as a positive one.

Now this just doesn't apply to potential users and customers of your products, this can easily translate into other companies and professionals you have the potential to work with. If you don't value everyone, than you value nothing.

So to summarize I would highly recommend the next time your tooting your own horn, record it and play it back. You might be surprised at the actual notes and music your putting out for the world to hear.

And as my parents and others have said and taught, Be humble in all things.


In the following video you will see what I'm talking about. People either make it way too simple, and just think if ya get followers your gold. Now on the complete other spectrum you can over complicate the issue. Yes followers are important. But I see companies who have a ton of followers but don't engage them. And people with a few followers who actually engage them and benefit from the exchanges. It's just nut's, it's so easy to me. Ok I'm rambling, let's break this down.

For me it boils down to one statement. Quality over Quanity. But that's just one side of the coin. And what's sad is most people and companies don't even know what the coin looks Yes you must increase your following, but you must interact with said followers. Or your just wasting their time, and more importantly you are wasting yours. You may ask how do I do this?? Ok if your asking me how to do this, than perhaps your in the wrong industry. It's not different than customer interaction and service in the "real" world. Just say hi folks. That's how you start. Recognize the value of someone taking the time to follow you. It means they are really interested in what you have to say. That is invaluable. You can't buy that. Yes you can buy followers, but only you can keep and utilize these followers.

Now once you have followers and have engaged them, now you must keep them coming back. First continued welcoming and engagement of new users is key because followers who have been with you will see your interested in new people and it just wasn't a fleeting thing. After this most "experts" will tell you that you need to develop a "content" strategy. WTH I'm sorry either you have content or you don't. And if you don't why are you online, why are you thinking you are worthy of following? Are you offering anything new?? If not, your giving the world of online business a complete middle finger. People like this drive me insane. Take your ego and go to the library and learn something, than come back and tell us about it. Your content should come naturally. By sharing and interacting about why your online the content will just flow. Don't over complicate things people.

Ok we now know either you have content or you don't. Now let me tell you about the second nail so many people put in their social "notworking" coffin! The first of course is lack of engagement. The second is posting something that "brands" you in a bad way. Say like if I own a burger joint and say we "believe" we use real meat, but tbh we haven't ever really confirmed that. But hey we are trusting folks, so blind faith isn't so I mean would you continue to eat there?? Of course not. I've seen so many individuals and companies with great followings blow the whole deal with an errant fb posting, or a tweet that should of been called a twitt. Before you hit send on any message, or before you post anything to the web please read it back to yourself as if your the reader not the publisher.

I know alot you are sitting there going duhh to all these points, but that's why I'm having to post this. They maybe durr to some of us, but for whatever reason people just don't get it. I'm just touching the surface on social network misusage, non usuage, and just complete ignorance when it comes to using these great tools. Would take a book, and perhaps there is one in the works. Even with that will need a whole library to get the point across.

Anyway my brain is starting to mush up so will just end with a few mentions to help you on the road to Social branding knowledge and proper usage.

As always have to give props to the guys and gals at the TimTech family of companies, they helped me learn and they can help you too. Here's there core program.

Kore 4 Success!!

My partners and frieds over at the Wealth Builder's..imho the first one's who got what I've been screaming about true "Social" interaction in business. They get it, and know not to make it to difficult. And we love to help. So much to show ya, but here's a great place to start.

Wealth Builder Socialites


Some great points in the video, but also they over complicate things. Really want input and feed back on this video. Let's see what you get from it.






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Welcome to our debut blog posting here at The Wealth Builder Socialites Blog.

In the future we will be cover various topics in relation to building a cohesive Social strategy for presenting you and your brand in a "Social" manner, and help you understand that building your network also requires a "Social" action plan.

But as this is our debut post let's not get too heavy, and let's discuss the proper use of the Social Networks. And no it's not to bomb your website or product on everyone who follow's you or is your friend. I'm afraid if you have done this, first apologize to those people, and if you have done it excessively than I recommend you start new accounts. Once the damage is done, it's almost irreversible.

Now that is out of the way, remember the true use of Social Networks is actually in the name, especially when it comes to business. You are trying to build a Network of individuals that share similar interest. In this case it would be business, or more specifically the business your involved in. Let's break this down, it's quite easy.

Let's say your an avid bowler, and you live and breathe it. Are you going to friends or have followers who love baseball or football?? No of course not, what would be the sense. A bunch of people starting conversations that the rest of the people couldn't care less about. So no truely in depth discussion will transpire. No last friendships will be forged. Basicly it's a waste of time for all involved. So when it comes to personal passions we all join groups that share said passion.

Now that we have established the sillyness of joining groups for personal interests that we have no passion for let's extrapolate to the next tier. Let's say bowling is such a passion you want it to become your career as well. Of course your first choice is to be a pro bowler, well  I love bowling but I'm not that good, most aren't : ) So your next logical choice would be to open a business that sold various products or develop your own product for stores to carry. Great we have established your offering...what's the next step???

Well of course you want to do your standard online and offline advertising, they have their place. But after a few hit and miss prospects you think hey wait a minute I belong to a bowling enthusiast group on facebook. These are my target audience. So why not just go in and constantly put up my link for and watch people come a flooding in. But you notice in short order, not only are you not getting customers, your getting snide comments. And as time goes by the boot your butt from the group.


What did I do wrong???

The admin simply responds back to you stating read the name of the group buddy. It's called "The Bowling Enthusiast Group" not the "Advertise your bowling crap at us group" I mean honestly would you join the second group?? No of course not!!

For some reason people think that when you become a business, or more importantly are trying to promote one the rules and way things work somehow changes. The nature of a thing, will always remain the same. No matter how you slice it. If you want to build a connection with these people you must do what you did before!! Here it comes, big shocker, you must be human.

The second you start bombing links at people, or just say hi nice to meet oh btw you like bowling do ya?? Did ya know I sell bowling shoes. Why not stop by my shop. Those people will not want to speak with you, and will probably tell everyone else not to speak with you.

Now the proper way would be to treat the group like you did when you just loved bowling. Keep building relationships. The same way after months of talking you finally find the bowling league of your dreams with people you like, is the same mechanics as it would be to make a sell. Or a great person to partner with. Or a valued employee. After months of talking with certain people a good friend starts to complain they shoes they get at the alley just hurt their game. So off the cuff you say, well I recommend when people come in my shop to get custom shoes that compliment their game. And people being naturally curious will be like, oh wow Bob I didn't know you owned a shoe shop? Do you have a website. You know my son's bowling team is looking for a sponsor.

While this was a very specific example I think it illustrates the proper way to approach Social Network sites to build your network. Just be yourself, just be human, and just be humble!! Now that I've droned on about this, I recommend you watch a video from a personal mentor of mine that taught me the art of being Social in the business world. Jon Olson one of the great guys over at Click Track Profit can teach you the proper way to build and promote a business.

Additionally I recommend his blog The Hit Exchange News for a ton of great information on a variety of topics. His video on this subject is directly below, really do need to watch this. He says all this in a much more concise way and in great detail at the same time.